According to the Customs code of Ukraine the preliminary customs declaration is given in customs before the moment of import of the goods to Ukraine for the purpose of control over delivery of the goods in appointment customs.

   The decision of the Government of Ukraine from 5/21/2012 #461 confirms the list of cargoes which import is carried out under condition of obligatory granting to customs bodies guarantees of payments customs duty and other taxes i.e. preliminary entering of money resources into the customs account, use of a bank’s guarantee, or import of the goods on the terms of TIR conventions.

   Import of the goods on territory of Ukraine under the preliminary declaration is authorised throughout 30 days from the moment of its registration.

List of documents for customs registration of preliminary declaration:

  • invoice, proforma (copy);
  • packing list (copy);
  • shipping documentation (CMR, Air WayBill, Bill of Lading) (copy);
  • customs accreditation card;
  • name of cargoes, description, quantity, brutto weight, number of places according to shipping documentation;
  • name of the checkpoint on the State Border;

   For registration of the preliminary declaration on the cargoes to come within the financial guarantees of delivery, - in addition: Carnet TIR, bank’s letter of guarantee or financial guarantee in the form of money deposit on the account of customs authorities.