Customs clearance of the goods (customs registrations, customs clearing, etc.), according to the Customs code of Ukraine represents set of actions (formalities) which are carry out by corresponding persons and customs authorities for the purpose of observance of requirements of the legislation necessary for release of the goods in the free circulation. If to be extremely short, customs registration is a carrying out of the formalities necessary for the admission of your goods and vehicles through customs border of Ukraine.

   The place of customs registration of cargoes depending on the one who transmit the cargoes through customs border of Ukraine and also in what customs treatment the cargoes taking place. Customs registration of the cargoes belonging to legal entity can be made in any customs of Ukraine, registration of the goods of physical persons to be made on border (except for the goods of positions 8701-8707, 8711, 8716 Ukrainian Classification of Commodity).

   One of the main stages of customs registration is declaring of the cargoes. In means declare an exact and authentic data for the goods, the purposes of their transmitting through border of Ukraine and also other data necessary for carrying out of their customs control. Cargo registration at customs begins with the moment of deliver the customs declaration, documents for registration, and also the cargoes. Cargo should be declared not later, than throughout 10 days from the moment of its delivery in destination customs or is placed on a customs warehouse.

   During the customs registration of cargoes to be made check of conformity of the data declared in the customs declaration, to the given documents, correctness of classification of the goods according to Ukrainian Classification of Commodity, definitions of country of origin, customs value of the goods, application of tariff and not tariff restrictions and charge of payments. The customs authorities have the right to make sure of actual presence and conformity of the cargoes in the customs declaration.

   Cargo registration comes to the end (as a rule) throughout 4 hours from the moment of declaration delivering, and also all necessary documents and the data provided by the legislation of Ukraine after putting down by the inspector of corresponding stamps on the customs declaration and shipping documents.

   However, in practice, not all so is simple. Customs registration of each cargo demands an individual approach, thorough knowledge of the customs, tax and currency legislation of Ukraine, nuances of registration shipping documents, ability to co-operate with customs and other supervising bodies. Depending on a customs treatment, in which cargoes are registering (export, import, transit), features of its transmitting through customs border of Ukraine, is defined the optimum scheme of its customs registration, an order of delivering and completing the documents, charges of customs payments, application of not tariff regulation etc.

   Professionally approach to this question only customs broker can. Many companies resort to its services, after elementary calculations convinced of benefits of such cooperation.