BROKSTAR LLC renders customs-broker services in all customs treatments. Our customs agents having more than 15 years experience of registration of cargoes in all customs treatment, without effort will help you to understand all nuances and subtleties, as traditional export-import transactions, and, rather difficult international trade tasks, such as:

  • transmitting cargoes under contracts of the commission, a consignment, leasing (rent);
  • customs registration of complete objects;
  • temporary import/export of the goods;
  • order deliveries;
  • repair and processing of the goods on territory of Ukraine (raw materials);
  • transmitting of the goods for the purpose of repair (guarantee replacement);
  • foreign investments;
  • destruction and recycling of the cargoes, refusal of the cargoes in favour of the state;
  • the technical, humanitarian aid etc.

   In the practice we were engaged in customs registration of a wide spectrum of the goods which simple enumeration would take some pages, here only some of them:

  • vehicles and agricultural machinery;
  • nuclear plants equipment and spare parts;
  • sugar industry equipment, corn and meat processing equipment;
  • medical equipment;
  • equipment for metal and rubber processing;
  • office equipment and wide format digital printers;
  • household products;
  • timber and woodwork;
  • agricultural products, all kinds of grain, fruits, vegetables, sugar, meat, milk and dairy products;
  • mineral fertilizers, products of chemical and metallurgy industry;
  • construction materials, sandwich panel, gravel etc;

   However services of the customs broker by no means always limited directly to registration of cargoes.Customs clearance on turnkey basis means assume a liability by the customs broker on full support of the external economic transaction from preparation of contracts and shipping documentation to release the cargos in the free circulation. In this section you can familiarise with the complete list of services rendered by us.

   The knowledge of all subtleties of the legislation, understanding of rules of registration, ability to choose the necessary customs treatment — all it guarantees that customs registration of your cargoes will pass with the minimum losses of time and money.

All of this and much more at your service in BROKSTAR LLC