Customs payments assessment payable on importation of the goods - one of the most demanded services given by our company..

   Customs payments include a total sum of the duties which are subject to payment at import or export of the goods.

In Ukraine customs duties can include:

  • import or export duties;
  • the excise;
  • value added tax (VAT);
  • additional and customs charge.

   Since February, 2015 additional custom charges are introduced also at import of the goods to Ukraine.

    Often happens so that the cost of the goods bought abroad at the comprehensible price, after transportation, payment of all taxes and duties, reception of necessary allowing documents etc. increases so that its further use or sale in territory of Ukraine to become almost senseless.

The skilled customs broker:

  • help you in commodity classification and coding of the goods;
  • give you the complex information on the goods and about the documents necessary for its customs clearance;
  • provide you customs payments assessment and calculate the cost of cargoes after customs clearance.

   Also you can assess customs payments by yourself, knowing Commodity codes of the goods and using Online form. However it is necessary to notice that the given information is background and serves for a rough estimation of the sum of the duties collecting at import of the goods to Ukraine.

   For exact calculation contact our experts.