Accreditation at customs or registration at customs is a first necessary step for foreign trade activities conducting by your enterprise.

   If the charter of your enterprise stipulate the right to foreign trade (or you are a private enterprise), according to the legislation of Ukraine you have the right to conclude the contracts and to carry out export or import of the goods and services.

   The enterprise if necessary to carry out customs registration of cargoes till the moment of such registration should address in customs body in a place of its state registration and should be, registered in customs. It is a first necessary step for carrying out of foreign trade.

   Payment for registration you as the subject of foreign trade activities, it is not raising by customs bodies. Absence of accreditation of the enterprise at customs is reasons for rejection a customs clearance of cargoes.

   For carrying out accreditation in customs bodies it is necessary for representative of the enterprise to give to the customs broker originals and certified copies of documents, according to the list confirmed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Also the customs accreditation card (record card) filled in duplicate and its electronic copy filled by means of the corresponding software is given.

   To the enterprise can be refused registration only in case of granting the incomplete set of documents or presence in documents of doubtful data. Responsibility for reliability of data declared in a customs accreditation card data entrust to the chief executive of the given enterprise. At change of the data specified in a accreditation card the enterprise is obliged to make a necessary changes in ten days.

   Accreditation at Vinnitsa customs, in the presence of all necessary documents to be made, as a rule, throughout one working day. The list of documents which are necessary for accreditation in customs bodies look you can see in section «Customs accreditation».

   Accreditation at customs, can be cancelled in the presence of the enterprise written statement, or in case of its liquidation.