Services of the commission agent and also the importer and the exporter of cargoes is one of the most popular services in the international trade activities.

   Our company is ready to offer services in cargo delivery from abroad to the end user in territory of Ukraine or to act as the sender of the goods. On the basis of the commission contract between you and our company, we accept cargo in the address and we carry out its full customs clearance. Thus the property rights to the goods throughout all export-import transaction belong to you as to the final buyer or the seller.

   The commission contract is one of the most widespread intermediary contracts applied in foreign trade of the enterprises. According to article 1011 of the Civil code of Ukraine under the commission contract one party (commission agent) undertakes to make on the instructions of other party (committent) one or several transactions on its own behalf, but at the expense of the committent.

   Thus, the commission agent concludes the external economic contract, but on all extent of delivery property rights on the delivered goods belong to the committent (the final addressee).

The basic stages of deliveries of the goods on territory of Ukraine under commission contracts:

  • conclusion of the contract of the commission between the Committent (you) and the Commission agent (our company);
  • conclusion of the contract between the Commission agent and the foreign counterpart;
  • realisation of import-export operations by the Commission agent;
  • carrying out of full customs clearing and transfer of the goods to the Committent.

As a result you receive cargo passed full customs clearing in a place convenient for you.

Using the contract of the commission to you it is not necessary:

  • to conclude the external contracts;
  • to open the currency account, to be engaged in purchase of currency and realisation of payments with foreign partners;
  • to accredit the enterprise at customs;
  • to carry out the organisation of transportation and cargo insurance;
  • to receive permissions of various supervising bodies;
  • to conclude the contract with the customs broker;
  • to be engaged in procedures of customs clearance of cargo.

Services of the commission agent can be favourable to you if:

  • you haven't regular import-export operations;
  • you need to import once the goods and you do not want to make out because of it a bale of papers;
  • you have an interdiction for foreign trade activities realisation (sanctions of Ministry of Economics etc.);