Contract drawing up is very important component of the external economic operation as the contract regulates its conditions, the rights and obligations of the parties, and also their responsibility in case of non-execution of contractual conditions.

   Contract it is the arranged agreement of two or more subjects of international trade and their counterparts (partners), directed on an establishment, change or the termination of their mutual rights and obligations in international trade. The enterprises and the organisations have the right to conclude any kinds of the contracts, except what directly and in the exclusive form are not forbidden by laws of Ukraine.

   In Ukraine the form and an order of the conclusion of the external economic contracts are regulated by the Law of Ukraine «About foreign trade activities» and the order of the Ministry of Economics #201 «About the form of the contracts».

   The contract is the basic document of control, both for the contractual parties, and for state authorities, it also forms a basis for the conclusion of contracts on transportation, insurance, storage, declaring, etc.

Correct and competent drawing up of the contract will give the chance to you to reduce essentially efforts and expenses at:

  • realisation of the operations connected with currency;
  • reception of the allowing documents necessary for transportation of cargoes;
  • customs control and customs clearance;
  • assessment of customs cost of the goods;

   The contract should consider all requirements of your authorised bank and customs, therefore before its signing necessarily consult at the customs broker. It will help to save up you money at cargo declaring at customs.

At you service also:

  • translating and drawing up of contracts and other international trade documentation from (on) the Ukrainian, Russian, English languages;
  • preparation and drawing up of the various consignment and commercial documentation: invoices, packing lists, shipping documentations, bills of lading, CMR, Carnet Tir etc.;
  • business correspondence with your international counterparts.