Consultations under the customs legislation and international trade activities can be actual as for the enterprises, decided to be engaged in such activity for the first time, and for the skilled companies working in the market already for some years.

  In the latter case customs consultation will be necessary after decision making about expansion of foreign trade activities of business, access to new markets, or prospects of work with the new, nonspecific cargoes.

  So, concept international trade activities include any activity of the enterprise connected with the international exchange by the goods, services, the information, financial resources, the international investments etc.

  The basic documents regulating international trade activities in Ukraine is laws «About international trade activities», «About a procedure of mutual settlements in international trade», and also the Customs code of Ukraine. Besides, there is a considerable quantity of acts of the various ministries regulating those or other aspects of foreign trade activities, sometimes contradicting to each other, therefore without professional consultation on international trade activities sometimes simply not to manage.

BROKSTAR LLC renders customs consultations on a wide range of questions, including:

  • selection of an optimum customs treatment, route and the scheme of import of the cargoes;
  • questions connected with confirmation of customs value and country of origin of the goods;
  • payment and return import duties, export duties, the excise, the VAT etc.;
  • consultations on currency regulation in international trade;
  • questions of legality of requirements of customs and other monitoring bodies at customs registration;
  • risks at import and export of those or other cargoes.

Among other our specialists in the international trade are ready to offer you following services:

  • support of the foreign trade operations, search of international partners;
  • calculation of the price for the imported or exported goods;
  • customs duties assessment;
  • commodity classification and coding of the goods;
  • analysis of the contracts and the customs documentation about conformity to the legislation of Ukraine;
  • reception of the information on necessary allowing documents and procedures with references to statutory acts;
  • consultation of physical persons, both residents, and non-residents, concerning the admission of the goods and currency through a customs border of Ukraine;
  • search of the foreign companies interested in cooperation.